Being a good landlord

Residents that do not convert their apartment to tenant ownership continue to reside on the property in their rental apartments as non-owning tenants, with the tenant owned cooperative housing association as their landlord. Being a landlord means responsibility, and it is important to create a good relationship with one’s tenants and to ensure that the association respects the rights of each tenant.

The obligations of tenant owned cooperative housing association s as landlords, as well as the rights of their tenants are governed by the Rental Act, which has provisions about the following areas, for example:

  • what a lease must contain
  • how rent is determined
  • the right of tenants to renovations and repairs
  • the right of tenants in the event of major renovations
  • the right to sublet
  • rules for the termination of the lease
  • rules for how tenants can exchange their apartments with another tenant