Converting from rental to tenant-ownership is an option. Those who are residents of the property are the ones who decide whether or not to convert.

Yes, as a tenant you can try to exchange your apartment via the internal housing queue jointly managed by Familjebostäder, Stockholmshem and Svenska bostäder. This applies as long as your building has not converted to tenant-ownership, at which point that opportunity to exchange apartments through the internal queue will no longer apply. You can also exchange apartments according to the provisions of the Rental Act if you find someone who would like to exchange apartments with you.

It is not possible to buy just one separate apartment in the property. The entire property must be converted into cooperative tenant-owned apartments. You can learn more about the convertion process on this website.

Yes. If there is a conversion, you will have the choice to purchase your owner-occupied apartment or continue to live in your apartment as a non-owning tenant of the tenant owned cooperative housing association. In that case, the tenant owned cooperative housing association will be your new landlord. You will have the same rights and obligations as before, but you will lose your place in the municipal housing companies’ internal housing queue.

No, that’s not possible. A registered property is a unit and conversion must be of all houses and addresses included in the property.

Yes, you do.

No, this is not certain. Conversion is an option for rental apartments owned by one of the three municipal housing companies in one of the eleven areas selected. But even some of these rental apartments may have been excluded from this option, for example, because the buildings are newly built or are, for other reasons, of strategic importance for the City of Stockholm.

The last day to submit a complete and approved notice of interest to the landlord is 31 December 2019.

The amount of time a conversion take varies from case to case. A conversion is complete once the tenant owned cooperative housing association and the landlord have signed a sales contract, the landlord has received payment for the property and the members who wish to purchase their apartments and tenant-owners apartments have paid the association.

The Rental Act’s provisions regarding the maintenance of apartments apply to all landowners. The municipal housing companies have an agreement with the Swedish Union of Tenants about how the maintenance of apartments should be arranged. The tenant owned cooperative housing association can choose either to assume the agreement or follow the provisions of the Rental Act.

The Tenant Ownership Act (bostadsrättslagen) does not separate between those with a permanent lease agreement and those with a short term lease agreement. The person who holds the valid lease agreement at the time of the purchase decision meeting, also has the right to vote and the right to buy the tenant owned-owned apartment.

Yes, all with a first hand lease agreement that reside in the chosen areas and have received a letter regarding the conversion from their landlord, can convert.

A property is a unit consisting of one or more buildings and addresses.

No, that is not certain. The City of Stockholm has set a limit for the number of conversions and has decided that the option to convert will end once the percentage of rental apartments falls below 60 per cent or the percentage of rental apartments owned by the City’s three municipal housing companies falls below 50 per cent. If this should happen, all tenant owned cooperative housing association s that are affected will be informed.

All maintenance work necessary in order to maintain health and safety regulations will continue as planned. Some properties, where large maintenance projects are already under way or will begin shortly, are excempt from conversion.

Planning for conversion of properties where large maintenance projects are already scheduled, will be put on hold. The City of Stockholms offers the possibility to start the converting process during a set time frame, so that long term maintenance of the municipal housing companies will not be affected. Maintenance work can not start during the year of 2019 since this may prolong and complicate the process, where a notice of interest to convert has been sent.

After 31 December 2019, one of the following will occur in these properties:

  • We have received no notice of interest to convert. Maintenance will continue as planned.
  • We have received an approved notice of interest to convert
    Planned maintenance work will be put on hold while waiting for a decission on converting at the tenant owned cooperative housing associations purchase decision meeting. If the property is being converted, the planned maintenance work will not be carried out. If the property is not being converted however, planned maintenance will resume.

In order to determine a price for a property, the City of Stockholm needs to do an appraisal of the property. Before the appraisal will be done, the residents are required to establish and register a tenant owned cooperative housing association and submit a notice of interest. It is not until the tenant owned cooperative housing association has formulated a financial plan, based on the appraisal, that you can know the price of the tenant-ownership of a given apartment.

If selling a commercial facility, the tenant owned cooperative housing association becomes the landlord.